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IAPWS R1-76(2014)
Revised Release on Surface Tension of Ordinary Water Substance
June 2014

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This formulation is recommended for the calculation of the surface tension of ordinary water in equilibrium with pure water vapor.
The region of validity the entire vapor-liquid saturation curve, from the triple point to the critical point. It also provides reasonable results when extrapolated to metastable (supercooled) conditions, down to at least −25 °C.

Online calculation
The Russian National Committee of IAPWS (through Moscow Power Engineering Institute) has provided an online calculation page, which may be useful in program development and verification. Note that IAPWS is not responsible for the content of these online calculation pages.

Revision History

This Release is the product of the Working Group "Thermophysical Properties of Water and Steam" (TPWS) of the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS).

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