IAPWS Certified Research Needs

IAPWS Certified Research Needs (ICRNs) represent the considered opinion of experts in the field that research on a particular subject is needed. They are often developed as a response to the inavailability of adequate data of a particular kind. They consist of a statement of the problem, a statement of the industrial need, a contact person, and an expiration date. No funding is available from IAPWS, but the ICRNs may be copied and attached to proposals to funding agencies.

Note that all ICRNs are numbered, but some numbers in the sequence are not listed on this page because the corresponding ICRN has expired or has not yet been issued.

List of Active ICRNs

Expired ICRNs

Note that these expired ICRNs and closing statements include contact details of IAPWS personnel at the time the ICRN was active. These details could be out of date now. Please contact the Executive Secretary if any further information is needed.

Updated March 16, 2020

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